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Images, intelligently organized. Works like magic.


Tearing your hair out is usually the first step of sorting libraries of thousands of assets. Akio adds metadata to Video, Images, and Audio, that makes all of your assets immediately searchable and classifiable. Want to find an interview audio snippet? Don't scrub through hours of audio files, simply search it.


Contract intelligence from the future.


The way an organization handles contracts can be an enormous challenge. Take a lease agreement for example. Leases are often uniquely structured, but they must contain the same information (names, dates, costs, and terms). Sifting through and finding this information can be a tedious and manual process when documents don’t look alike. Ada uses artificial intelligence to solve this pain by scanning the text of these documents at light speed, ingesting these dissimilar docs, and extracting the relevant information automatically. Data that was previously unsearchable becomes searchable allowing revenue opportunities to be identified, preventing things from falling through the cracks, and generally freeing up time to focus on clients.


Everything you need to know.

Fletcher Fletcher

Silos are great for missiles and corn. They are less than stellar for corporations. Fletcher helps you break down barriers and share information across teams. Review vendors, products, education, and more.