Innovating on dollars and cents.

Codelitt is a product incubator helping large corporations build new products with the speed, technology, and innovation of a startup.

Consumer enablement

The next wave of new financial industry customers were born with smartphones in their hands. They are more informed when making large decisions, demand more value for their money, and have a general distrust of anyone trying to sell them anything. These factors have contributed to the birth of the sharing economy, and they also lead towards a self-service economy. New consumers want to know every aspect of the deal before purchasing.


As new platforms emerge and the number of moving parts on the internet exponentially increase, pushing security to center stage becomes more crucial than ever before. Innovative security measures will be a strong benefit for the next generation when picking financial service providers.

Transform your contract intelligence

Give your contract intelligence its own brain. When juggling thousands of contracts, details can get lost in the shuffle. Codelitt’s artificial intelligence can ingest contracts, assign metadata such as dollar amounts and relevant parties, and include this information in systems such as CRMs or any other software.

Chat away

Chat bots are a first line interaction for both customer service and sales. In the finance world, there’s a very strong distinction between “I want to open my first IRA” and “I need to invest my family’s fortune”. They are also a great way for customers to self populate their own CRM entries. This decrease frustrating phone tree’s for customers and gets calls connected to their correct representatives.