User Testing

Codelitt helps you gain unbiased insights from users to achieve the best product possible.

As your innovation partner, we believe in putting your user at the center of everything we do.

What is
User Testing?

By gathering feedback from real users and observing behavior in real time, your team guarantees successful adoption rates and the ability to address any pain points before launching to the market.

The Value
of User Testing

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in additional cost

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Why is
User Testing

Actionable feedback and next steps before design, development, or product launch: a more proactive than reactive approach

Product’s ongoing evolution: time and investment is laser focused on features that users will use and enjoy

Realistic and intuitive user workflows focused on usability and functionality, with actual users in mind

Identifying user pain points and roadblocks through qualitative and quantitative testing

Ongoing user engagement = successful and consistent user adoption

How does
User Testing work?

user prototype
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User Test Lead drafts & tests all scenarios for wireframes, prototypes, or UAT environment

user test
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User Test Lead meets with users individually

user idea
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User Test Lead confirms user feedback, recommends next steps

From in-person interviews to moderated virtual sessions and beyond, our team provides a customized approach at each stage of testing to push your product in the right direction.

User Recruitment

Recruit 5-10 external users with product-specific experience and criteria for all stages of testing

Wireframe Testing

Wireframe testing Validate early ideas before designs are created

Design & Prototype Testing

Test prototypes with users early and often before software development begins

User Acceptance Testing

Identify key trends / issues with functionality and usability before official product release

Our Types of Testing

Engage with your users through our variety of test methods, each tailored to meet your product's needs.

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30-45 minute sessions, focused on early stages product’s logical format / architecture

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A/B Testing

Group / individual sessions, testing multiple versions of a design or product

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Focus Groups

60-90 minute moderated session, group of 6-12 users

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Targeted surveys / questionnaires, ideal for uncovering user needs, desires, and pain points

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Exploratory 1-on-1 conversations with potential users ideal for validating new concepts and ideas

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