Innovating the healthcare experience while improving patient outcomes.

Codelitt is a product incubator empowering organizations to innovate and deliver new value to their companies and customers.

Improve the patient experience

Creating a positive healthcare experience is often an uphill battle. Patients and their families do not want to be dealing with healthcare providers. However, that doesn’t mean that providers can neglect their responsibilities to them. Creating a warm, familiar, and comfortable environment is almost as important as the care provided.

Improve patient outcomes

Commitment to patients doesn’t end once they leave examinations rooms and offices. Result explanations, follow ups, and making sure they stay on track is vital to healthcare success. Technology can augment the patient’s journey, helping them towards a full recovery.

Internal tools

Personnel management - Healthcare facilities often have complex, 24 hour schedules that need to be set, managed, and communicated quickly and correctly. Multiplatform software that is usable and effective can reduce scheduling headaches and provide a single source of truth for scheduling needs.

Central data repositories - Healthcare encompasses many disciplines and software packages. While this can be effective for each individual, it can introduce silos and reduce visibility to the whole. Codelitt can create a solution that merges software and has sophisticated permissions abilities to ensure everyone can access exactly what they need to.

External products

Patient communication - Patient follow ups, information, and recommendations can drastically push the needle towards positive patient outcomes. Mobile apps with schedule information, drug instructions, and more, can help patients get the information they require, while reducing their need to reach out to healthcare providers.