Manufacturing the future, together.

Codelitt is a product incubator helping large corporations build new products with the speed, technology, and innovation of a startup.

Predict the future

Artificial intelligence can help predict broad outcomes such as supply pricing and product demand, or granular issues such as shipping delays. While AI is used as a catchall buzzword in the industry, its true power lies in gathering immense amounts of data, extrapolating patterns, and making accurate predictions. A perfect fit for manufacturing.

Increase speed, decrease errors

Making large, broad changes is usually incredibly fun. Seeing a massive adjustment in the way companies do work is fresh and exciting. Once that’s all done however, comes the daily minutiae of chipping away at edge cases and working hard to make many slight improvements in order to eke out improved outcomes. Decreasing line stoppages, shipping delays, packing mistakes, and more, all improve the health and economics of an organization.

Reinvigorate your supply chain technology

Supply chain management software is everywhere. However they universally fail in multiple scenarios. They are bloated, have confusing user experiences, and are often unnaturally forced into companies and processes. Custom solutions are made to augment a company’s natural processes, not hinder it. With agile practices, modules can be added and edited to fit changing needs, and of course, everything built is multi-platform. Build in executive dashboards, emergency procedures, and more.

Augment your reality

Decrease wasted time and mistakes with augmented reality. Floor workers can see holographic details of their tasks floating in space. Everything from general notes, to announcements, to specific instructions (such as what to pack in a box, an order number, or where to place a palette).

Transform your contract intelligence

Give your contract intelligence its own brain. When juggling thousands of contracts, it’s easy for some details to get lost in the shuffle. Codelitt’s artificial intelligence can ingest contracts, assign metadata such as dollar amounts and renewal dates, and include this information in systems such as CRMs or supply chain management software.

Connect all the dots

In our day-to-day work of helping billion dollar organizations innovate, we find that these companies in completely different industries face similar issues. One solution we often provide is connecting many different software packages to create a single source of truth for all information. This decreases outdated or misplaced data, improves organization wide knowledge, and helps people work more efficiently.