Real Estate

Get the most out of your spaces.

Codelitt is a product incubator empowering organizations to innovate and deliver new value to their companies and customers with the speed, technology, and efficiency of a startup.

Comfortable and intuitive experiences

Whether it’s for the internal team or external customers, having a clean interface for your Web and Mobile Apps is essential. They must be simple, efficient, learnable, and memorable. Building and designing these apps is at the core of what Codelitt does. We work hard to ensure that our builds not only meet the needs of our partners but that the solution works for the end-users through User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Eliminate inefficiencies

Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows for a variety of devices to “talk” with each other over the internet. IoT is what makes “smart” homes and buildings possible. With this connectivity, managers can remotely monitor and control building infrastructure, safety, emergency response, sustainability features, and generally run their properties more smoothly.

“Wow” your clients and tenants

A “smart” property isn’t just for management. IoT-enabled spaces make it possible to deliver services to clients and tenants effortlessly by giving them a greater degree of intuitive control at their fingertips. Paired with data-driven insights into individual users, Codelitt can help provide not just a streamlined experience, but one that is constantly learning to anticipate needs.

Not every need can be anticipated, though. Intuitive Chatbots are being used to provide a frontline for customer service so that simple questions can be answered quickly or routed to the right human to handle the inquiry. We use a Chatbot on the Codelitt website!

See your assets in a new way

Every second of every day organizations and their customers are having interactions that result in creating a never-ending stream of data. The ways that this priceless information is interpreted and insights are applied is what sets apart the successful from the rest. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Codelitt can help you gain information transparency in your data. Insights into energy consumption or how tenants utilize the space can be instantly recognized and compiled into the most easily understood format.

Two tools that Codelitt can leverage to provide this visualization are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Past project designs featured a summary of occupancy, rent and investment trends, themes that shape the different markets, and a floor-by-floor data analysis for each building. Lots of possibilities beyond this for your internal teams!

Make your client's vision a reality

The use case is clear for your external customers too: being able to utilize these visualization tools will simply help you sell more. One example of Codelitt’s work in this space involved a client’s most prized commercial offices: more than 1,000 buildings over 52 markets! We created a web data visualization tool that was not only valuable for our client’s internal strategy but also empowered their brokers to visually amaze their clients and improve close-rates.