End-to-end commercial real estate transaction management

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The Client

Our partner is one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the world. With 300 offices in 80 countries, they employ 90,000 people, manage 4 billion square feet of real estate worldwide, and have annual revenues of over $16 billion.

The Problem

Thousands of brokers spend hundreds of hours moving data across different software platforms that don’t “talk” to each other. This causes risky inconsistencies while working on similar projects. During this confusion, brokers are forced to check multiple tools to try and figure out which info is the most up to date and which software is most appropriate to use.

There were also gaps found in the brokers’ workflows that were not covered by any software. Because of these gaps, they were forced to use multiple different tools to piece together reports like market surveys and tourbooks. This “Frankenstein” approach lead to wild variations in branding and content which weakened their image. All in all, the problems boiled down to challenges in productivity, consistency, and business at large.

The Solution

Codelitt surveyed each application that was being used and created a strategy to unite them into one powerful solution. We believe our software should be held to higher standards:

  • Data should be clean, centralized, and should only be entered once
  • The software needs to provide end-to-end support all in one place
  • The program should automate as much as possible
  • Above all, should be easy for the brokers to use

After determining the use case for each software within the existing tech stack, we created a solution to unify the process- Halo. This comprehensive software, from prospecting to closing, resulted in huge gains in productivity among the brokers without sacrificing any functionality. Extremely easy to use, Halo shortened deal cycles, improved deal intelligence, and lead to increased revenue overall.

The benefits so far:

After gaining a deep understanding of what their end users needed, the new UI that Codelitt created resulted in Blackbird having the highest usage EVER:

  • Productivity Increases: automating activities and centralizing data has empowered brokers to spend more time developing relationships with their clients and finding new business.

  • New Revenue Opportunities: data is easily accessible and easily sellable. Our partner is now able to provide a service selling market analytics and other relevant data.

  • Analytics, Insights, and Alignment: management now has visibility into all deals and projects. They can look for and remedy redundancies, identify low value projects, and eliminate costly errors.

Halo was quickly adopted by brokers to help drive revenue and manage assets across 80 countries.


Halo was built without constraints for easy API integrations so that it could be adaptable and scalable for the future needs of our client.

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