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The Team

A former industry professional with a great idea. He did not have the experience or technical background to build a solution to his problem, so he approached Codelitt with the opportunity to partner on it. We teamed up in this Joint Venture to create an industry-disrupting solution.

The Problem

Our client wanted to build a solution that improved the process of connecting media relations professionals with the leading journalists and SMEs across various fields.

The news industry needs to improve upon the time-consuming and often inefficient process of researching, networking, and coordinating details with leading experts. Due to the lengthy process, they often have to take risks on individuals that don’t have the desired credentials just to fill a time slot. They were in desperate need of a new innovative solution.

On the flip side of this journey, the experts themselves found it difficult to get their knowledge and expertise in front of leading producers and journalists. These experts wanted to showcase their many achievements and interviews to optimize their media relations. Without a platform to do so, they were left to struggle to find networks that they could contribute to and leverage their specific expertise. This led to many missed opportunities as finding contacts for the stations was hard enough, but getting in front of them at the right time was nearly impossible.

The Solution

Through quick iterations and continuous validation efforts (check out our guide to product validation here), we defined a solution to the problem by narrowing down what we knew it needed to be at its core:

  • Networking should be clean, centralized, and easily accessible
  • The software needs to provide support for content producers, experts, and organizations
  • The program should track all events, conversations, previous work, and scheduling
  • Above all, it should be easy for everyone to use

The result was Rolli: an all in one new wave of networking that allows you to connect from around the world.

Rolli’s innovative search parameters and productivity tools allow production teams both large and small to never miss a beat. Rolli keeps track of media agency’s shows and projects while searching for, coordinating with, and booking guests right on the platform.

Rolli makes it easy to:

  • Keep track of all your guests’ statuses on one platform while keeping your own contact list private
  • Network with fellow producers or work as a team
The Impact

This comprehensive software is helping connect experts all around the globe with media outlets that need their expertise and voice on the subjects they know best!

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Check out Rolli in action here